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We Don’t Like Leni Robredo Anymore

Good morning! ❤ My Mom voted for Leni Robredo and I supported her in her choice even though I myself voted for Cayetano. Robredo won as the Vice-President (still contested, because of allegations of electronic tampering) and Duterte is saying to let things be, just leave her be in whatever activities she does that is right in her own eyes.

However, she spewed such unfair narratives (un-investigated allegations, misleading generalizations, biased rhetoric) in her speech to the UN community that people, i. e., Filipinos at home and all over the globe, are protesting against how she has hurt the image of the real Philippines, the one that the ordinary Filipino is living in (ang sitwasyon ng karaniwang mamamayan, ng sambayanang Pilipino, ang totoong kalagayan ng Inang-Bayan).

I am in agreement with the spontaneous self-funded, self-generated, volunteer-spirited, community-based movements to, if possible, remove Robredo from the office of the Vice-President. We do not want her to work for us anymore. We, as a people, have withdrawn our approval for her to work for us as the Vice-President of the Philippines. These movements that are busy planning and working out for solutions in this regard are associated with the names Palit Bise, and Team Impeach Robredo or Impeach Leni Team. This article explains this phenomenon further:


Peace! Have a good day, everyone! May God bless us all ❤ ❤ ❤



Peaceful Philippines

Good morning and happy Christmas holidays!


Today I am concerned about how the campaign against the Duterte administration still rages on despite the 6 months of continuous improvement in the country. Filipinos are actually relieved that public menace from drug related crimes (hold-ups and the like) have gone down and that the streets at night are visibly peaceful. This is true anywhere, in the big and small cities and big and small towns. Disagreements between political divides are undergoing dialogues and the arms struggle has stopped. We have become better friends with more nations than before.

This campaign to disparage the Duterte administration has a personal agenda. The personalities who work hard to undermine the efforts of the government are waging a campaign to take back the power that they lost during this election. That they have lost this power is a grave threat to them, especially those who have criminal cases now arrayed against them. Precisely that the people decided on Duterte is not understood by these elite. Despite the clear evidence of a better governance and a happier populace, these elite insist on their rhetoric that the country is heading for disaster. Precisely that the people decided on Duterte was that they saw through the decades how the country has headed toward disaster because the governance of the past had not especially looked into the condition of the majority who are the poor and neglected. If the population is 98 million and if majority translates to more than half, then that’s  49 million people AT THE LEAST! who are constantly at their wit’s end where to find food for the next meal.

Despite that, the country has held on to its spiritual values. Respect for elders was never lost. The family is as highly valued as ever. Teachers are highly regarded. We have remained united against violence and against the culture of impunity among the powerful (and invisible) elite. We are not used to killings and we are not immune to the intensity of trauma caused by any crime, even something as petty as a disrespectful exchange of words.

My concern is that the UN (and other nations, but I won’t bother enumerating which these are) is naively focusing on my government when it has other bigger concerns that need investigating, like Syria that is being attacked by the “good guys” actually!  and where the rest of the world has no idea about how the mainstream news is silent about it::::: http://uspeacecouncil.org/?p=3019

The UN in our case is like a little scradedy-cat who is determined to fight a monster-shadow that’s caused by a hand at child’s play. Stop being naive and grow up, dear United Nations. We depend on you to be mature and fair.

May God’s peace reign in the world and may those who are suffering soon see the light of day. May all who wallow in power and are callous over the sufferings of their neighbors open their eyes and truly help.



…This link opens to my post about this drug-war. (note: The little hearts in all my posts used to be red, now they’ve turned black all at once. I have to take the time to edit them. Just think of them as little red hearts that I wanted us to be happy about. Thanks!)

Blessings, everyone!



I Support Duterte. Part 7. The truth on the war on drugs.

Update 🙂 October 26, 2016 ❤ Tatay Digong Duterte is now in Japan. At the Economic Forum today he talked about this issue that I’m talking about in this post. In this video following, he starts speaking about this concern at video-time 8:37 🙂 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmKYRXKQ9wE

————- ❤

. ❤ . Hello everyone. Notwithstanding the most recent conversations revolving around President Duterte’s October 18-21, 2016 visit to China, I postpone my thoughts-write on that topic and have here instead a most-contested issue on the so-called “extra-judicial-killings” that is the major point of contention among the so-called international “human rights advocates” and our president, and hence our nation = us Filipinos.

I heavily owe my illustrations here from the video that can be accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrSt3ii2qEo

… this video owns all the illustrations that I have on this post. It is important to note that THE KIND OF DRUG THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE IS LOCALLY CALLED SHABU AND IT IS THE POOR MAN’S COCAINE; THE ADDICTS THAT WE SPEAK OF HERE ARE NOT INTO IT AS A MATTER OF RECREATION; that is, we have to appreciate that only the richest in my country have access to choices of drugs similar to that in the industrialized countries; the overwhelming majority of the people that have become addicts in my country do not have the luxury of having the choice on which drug to acquire, these are the poor, and hence have no control over the kind of effect that its (shabu) use has on the nervous system, they have almost no access to rehabilitative help due to cost constraints, and are trapped in the deadly cycle of using and pushing just to acquire the means to maintain the addiction … nervous systems wrecked, their reaction to apprehension is desperate self-preservation, and hence the violent confrontations that costs the country police lives — good lives wasted … nervous systems wrecked and desperate to acquire money to buy more shabu, these addicts have no sense of humanity anymore when they rob and even kill their own parents, hold-up and kill strangers, and even rape children when the high hits them…

…. and now the illustrations below in summary … the president advocates shoot-to-kill measures according only to what the police have been taught in the police academy for 4 years of their education prior to being qualified for the job, and the engagement of such is according to the full authority of the law, which had been determined according to ethical guidelines that is legitimate to any and all courts of law in the world and throughout history, that government authorities such as the police are for the sole purpose of protecting the people of the land against unlawful elements that threaten life and safety. President Duterte utterly condemns extra-judicial killings. Personages investigated today include government officials and the police who have for so long operated with impunity and have aided in the proliferation of the drug menace in the land, and hence have betrayed the trust of the people, and have furthered graft, corruption, and poverty of the majority of the citizenry, thereby victimizing children and the youth the most. It is only now during this governance that the entrenched drug menace is being particularly addressed, hence the strong reaction from quarters who have no in-depth appreciation of the severity and gravity of this threat to the society plus granting that the present administration is running after time with no funds at all to address this urgent problem. There is no money intended for the building of rehabilitation centers because the budget was prepared by the past administration and it had not placed funds for a use that it did not see at that time. So President Duterte’s cleaning up of criminality side by side with rehabilitating drug addicts and dependents is actually running on below-subsistence monetary resources BUT NEVERTHELESS there is no time to lose as the government’s officials who are involved in the drug proliferation have ALL OF THEM not yet been accounted for or brought to accountability NOT  TO  MENTION the other still unidentified drug lords who are in it only for the money at the least and power at the most …. the drive still goes on, and in the mean time, I pray for my government’s success as it keeps at its sincere efforts at making up for the neglect that has now endangered our next generation …. ❤ ❤ ❤ Mabuhay po tayong lahat, mga kapwa tao sa mundo ❤ ❤ ❤duterte-0duterte-1duterte-2duterte-3duterte-3aduterte-4duterte-4aduterte-5duterte-6duterte-7duterte-7aduterte-8duterte-9duterte-10


Thanks for dropping by. Stay healthy, motivated, and happy wherever you are, or at least try to be, because nothing has the right to take away your right to self-determination. Be happy with your community, with your family, or with friends who see you as family, or simply with the people who have given you their trust and confidence and are happy to have you in their lives — this is the only way to be happy, to be happy with other human beings.

🙂 There is a Being who is as personal as you and me and just because words cannot determine Him/Her then it does not follow that He/She is not.

Have a great day!

sacadalang’s gravatar

I just changed my gravatar.

I would like thank all the owners whose photographic works I have freely used all over my blog. Please excuse my exuberance, assuming that I could just surf around the www and just pick up whatever nice things I could spot as something I’d like to use in this scrapbook-like blog of mine (explained a bit here). As much as I really really like those pair of grinning monkeys on a branch against a bright yellow background, I decided that I should give it(them) up because, firstly, I don’t know who the owner is, and, secondly, I haven’t asked for permission for its use.

sacadalang gravatar

“Bending Minotaur”, or “Huffing Horse”, or “My Brain”, by sacadalang. 2012.

So what I have now for a gravatar is something I myself have created. There, that’s better now.

Please, if any of the illustrations that I’ve used in this blog belongs to you and if you’d want it out of here then please just tell me about it. Thank you.

I also changed my default Category into Hodgepodge, so that I won’t be putting a mismatched Category, thus making it misleading. It will have to take a while before I can put the tagging into order, so please just don’t mind the mismatching you may come across. [update. As of June 3, 2014 I have put all the tagging into a better order … I couldn’t put it off much longer … and I tried my best at it 🙂 … still if there’s … yeah … peace …]

Thank you! Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

.update. 30Aug201. Suddenly I am able to see other figures in my gravatar. Aside from the bending minotaur and the huffing horse I also see:

two masked faces

a laughing dog

a hawk

a bear

a mouse

an anteater

a sea lion

either a hippopotamus or a water buffalo

the front half of a penguin

a fat frog’s face

maybe a sleeping porcupine

a fish’s head upside down

a baby dinosaur

and, most obviously, several tapeworms


viewed by the globe

(updated April 3, 2014)

… nah … just wanted to celebrate having China on my map 😀 I missed the date when I had that 1 view count. Most likely it was only recently, when my brain cells were going crazy groping for holds that I couldn’t even be bothered to wash dishes for half of the week. This is a belated celebration but still I don’t want to miss it. I’m just happy that China has a color now.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least 1 'page' of this blog by at least 1 person in a country. The darker the shade the higher the frequency.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least one page/post of this blog by at least one person in a country.    The darker the shade the higher the frequency.    White areas say none from there has visited this blog.    A single visitor from a country is enough to color the entire area, even one as humongous as Russia.    There are only 97 countries that have color in this map.    If 196 is taken as the total number of countries in the world   (this is an unexplored topic to me, and so I can’t elaborate more on the figure)   then only about half of the total number of countries is indicated above.


Yeah, I was waiting for China to get a view count, because I was wondering how come no-one from such a gigantic place so near to mine got to visit even once for two years now … so now I’m also waiting for Greenland and the rest of Africa and … and …

Yeah, of course there are many reasons for the white patches, foremost of which is the blog’s content, etc … but I don’t want to entertain that wonderment for now … all I can arrive at is this: wow, there are persons from these places all over the earth who are also interested in 1 or 2 things that get mentioned somewhere among my prattlings …

I don’t know what the whole illustration could mean. I would conjecture that my country, the Philippines, has such a strong connection with the US, and then Canada. It could be that it’s because there are many Filipinos living there. It could be that. However, what makes me especially happy is that countries around mine have strong shades, too — first to the south, then west and north (that’s the deepest trench and the largest ocean to the east 🙂 ). Some day I’ll have money and time enough to visit these next door neighbors of mine. That’s a sure dream.

Actually, I know that much of my recent traffic is due to baby Gooki. Ahhhh. Crazy. I’m just wondering if I have been irresponsible, contributing to exposing baby Gooki to the unknown whatever. I mean, it’s just one of those things. The umbrella issue is whether by these prattlings I’m in a way contributing to cyber junk. Like strewing dead satellites all over the graveyard orbit. Saying things that could be damaging some part of life.

In a way I’ve become conscious of the level of responsibility that I should mind while continuing with my pleasure at self expression.


For many the world has become really small. It’s either just a jet ride or a single click away. This is the impression I get while looking at the colored parts of the map above, just little areas next to each other and accessible any time. But in my countries’ counter, in my blog’s stats, I can tell of one big reason why certain places have, say, just 1 count. And that is, that in those places being connected to the net is generally not as ordinary as it is, say, in Germany, where each and every single household is assumed to be able to readily tap into either the radio waves or the cyberspace.

That part of the globe that thrives with the internet, which includes the few of us who can afford to do so in my country as well as in countries similar to mine, may never know how our pleasurable activities may affect the lives of those who are aliens to cyberspace down to the ones with situations worse than having no easy access to clean water. Even if they/we indeed know/come to know of it, what can we do about it?

a pair of mismatched flip flops

flip flops.   tsinelas.   quite normal, a mismatch, center.

If only languages can be learned in a day then I would happily learn the lot. It would be wonderful to be able to surf through the millions of websites, across landmasses and oceans, into the richness of other worldviews that are expressed in mother tongues and timeless scripts, gain insight and wisdom from them, and so be freed from my nearsightedness and prejudices. Mere words. Senseless dream. I can’t even master my mother tongue, how much more China’s and others’ myriad of dialects. 😛

footwear of the shoeless. normally worn out.

worn out thoroughly, through.  either these or bare foot

Yet, still, however, what will my gaining of insight be able to do for those who have no access to the minimum carbohydrates requirement of the human body per day? Ah, sacada, your rejoicing over your readership is so pathetic. 😉 😥


🙂 Here’s how the map looks like as of 1.September 2014.

blog map stats as of 1Sept2014