Hello, good morning. πŸ™‚

I would like to share some of the works of a Filipino photographer, Mr. Voltaire P. Siacor, and to promote them, too.

Please access any of the following links for more information on him and his creations:

In order to generate a slide show of the gallery below, simply click on any image. These ones have been reduced in comparison to their original dimensions, which are available from the owner whose contact information appear on his works’ presentation sites (links above).


I hope that these brought you new uplifting perspectives of life. Have a nice day!




Categories and Tags associated with the images:

animals, celebration, in motion, landscape, lights, nature, objects, people, sea

4th of July, afternoon sun, baby, Bacolod City, bath, beach, bird, black and white, blur, boats, calm, close-up, clouds, condensation, conversation, dance, drink, elder, family, festival, fireworks, flower, fowl, fun, glass, glow, grandfather, grandmother, Guantanamo Bay, islands, lighthouse, lizard, market, mask, Masskara Festival, Negros Occidental, night sky, palms, Philippines, play, poverty, rays, reflect, rocks, sand, shower, smile, snake, stare, still life, stone, street dance, sun, sunset, tropics, vendor, water, wildlife, wonder





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