on John Samuel Mbiti and religious plurality in Africa

Hello. Good morning.

Within the attached pdf document, see link below, is my approximately 4-page summary of the following articles:

African theology revisited by John S. Pobee [pp. 135-143]

John Mbiti’s contribution to African theology by Kwame Bediako [pp. 367-388]

Both are found in: Religious Plurality in Africa: Essays in Honour of John S. Mbiti. Edited by Jacob K. Olupona and Sulayman S. Nyang. In: Religion and Society 32. Berlin. 1993.

Clicking on the link opens the pdf file at another tab –> on John S. Mbiti and religious plurality in Africa

At the end of the 6-page pdf document is a 1-page note on the word ubuntu of the Bantu culture.

This summary-paper has been officially graded by my professor. The care I put into the effort reflects my fascination of the collective cultures of the African continent, but of which lack of extra time on my part preventing further personal exploration.

Viel Spaß und alles Gute.



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